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Services for Science

Linguistic manuscript editing (especially for authors who are not native English speakers)   click here for rates

Literature search

Assistance with book editing (proofreading, index compilation, etc.)


Scientific Services for businesses, NGOs, and anyone else who needs them
You are not sure whether you can trust a "scientific" claim?
You need to find a specialist scientist or get advice on how certain is "95% certain"?
If you have a problem that's somehow connected to science and don't know how to approach it,
please send an e-mail or ring +44 1524 844947.
You won't need to commit to anything unless and until you have accepted a quote from us.


Gerhard's scientific core expertise is in Plant Biology but our most important skills are simply "good craftsmanship" in all things scientific and a long experience in this "business": creativity and critical attention to detail, extensive experience with conventions and reasoning in the natural sciences, knowing how and where to find relevant information, a bit of lateral thinking and a good deal of scepticism.

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